Charlie Blodnieks, RPh

After graduating from Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, with a diploma on the pharmacological management of chronic diseases in the elderly, at the University of Duke University School of Pharmacy, Charlie Blodnieks specializes in Clinical Pharmacy at the same university. From 1989 to 1991, he was attending the Pharmaceutical Clinic of Duke University School of Pharmacy as an internal student, which greatly influenced his approach to pharmacology and drug therapy, based on a predominantly analytical view of medications and their interactions. After specializing in clinical pharmacy, he completed his studies in the United States at the Duke Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, at the Department of Pharmacy at Columbia University, New York.

In those same years, he delved into advanced drug formulation techniques, completing training in Philadelphia for the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and obtaining entry to the list of clinical pharmacologists of the same association as an international member. The need to enhance his expertise led him to obtain a four-year diploma as a consultant in Pharmacotherapy. He is currently an ordinary member of several associations including the Society for Pharmaceutical Analysis (SPA), the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology (ASCP), the Harvard Medical School Postgraduates Association, and the International Federation of Drug Analysis.