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In recent years, the provinces of Canada have approved a national drug ranking format. According to this format, all drugs to be sold only in pharmacies are divided into 3 groups: non-prescription drugs; over-the-counter medicines (on the recommendation of a pharmacist), without the possibility of their independent choice by the consumer; over-the-counter products that could be sold only in pharmacies. At the same time, the patient can choose goods and buy them on their own, without the recommendation of a pharmacist.

Thanks to this ranking, today some drugs can also be bought in self-service grocery stores, but expanding the range of drugs in grocery stores requires opening a pharmacy section and including a pharmacist on the staff.

What do we offer?

For the convenience of our customers, all products of the Canadian online pharmacy are divided into sections:


Here you will find IVF products, drugs for the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, antibiotics and antimicrobial drugs, antidepressants, vitamins, products for men, insulin-containing drugs, cough and cold remedies, eye and ear drops, injectable solutions, and much more.

More our products:

Hydroxychloroquine Zithromax
Generic Stendra Flomax
Proscar Keflex
Generic Propecia Lasix generic
Amoxicillin Prednisolone

Dietary supplements

A wide range of dietary supplements, such as BioX Nutrition, MuscleTech and other well-known manufacturers. Dietary supplements for children and adults are presented. There are food additives, teas and herbal preparations, and food and drinks.

Medical products

You can buy an assortment of bandages, cotton wool, syringes, dressings, and containers for use both at home and in specialized medical institutions.

For beauty and health

We offer to order online ointments and oils for the body, facial skin, hygiene products and urological pads, cosmetics for hair, hands, and body. Intimate cosmetics, oral products, etc. are available.

Medical devices

Household and professional thermometers, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, urinals, test strips, and other medical devices.

Orthopedic products

Bondages, stockings and pantyhose, socks, crutches, elastic bandages, etc.

On the Canadian pharmacy website, you can always buy any kind of necessary medicines as well as other goods. You can Filter the list of medications by name, category, or price.