Join the Movement

Become a part of our team! Today’s success of the company is due to the merit of professional, active and purposeful employees. Well-coordinated work and the joint efforts of all team members allowed Canadian pharmacy to become the fastest growing pharmacy chain in the country and abroad.

We value the potential of each employee and provide opportunities for development. We also pay special attention to the formation of a personnel reserve — we actively work with students of pharmaceutical colleges and universities, train and adapt new employees.

Career start

We give all students a chance to learn the basics of the profession in practice! We invite the best to permanent work in our company.

Growth opportunity

We provide regular trainings and webinars for all pharmacy employees to help improve their professional skills!

Social guarantees

We offer decent working schedule, growing wages, and timely receipt of salaries.

Motivation and encouragement

Earning motivational bonuses, employees of our network independently influence the level of their wages and constantly increase their income.

Freedom of movement

By changing the place of residence, the employees of our pharmacies do not have to change employers! Pharmacists can continue to work for the company even after moving.

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