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Unique selling propositions

Our pharmacy are of a completely new format, where modern technologies are used, the customer is always welcome, a wide range of products is available, comfort and convenience are guaranteed. And at the same time, the main distinguishing feature of these pharmacies is that you can save on medicines! We want absolutely every one of our customers to have the opportunity to purchase the medicines they need. You can always compare our offers at the best prices, with those of other discount pharmacies, and make sure that we are doing all we can for you.

Don’t forget to save when shopping! When choosing a Canadian pharmacy, you always have the opportunity to accumulate bonuses and exchange them for a discount.

  • Choose the most convenient store;
  • Get cashback bonuses up to 10%;
  • Pay with bonuses up to 99%;
  • Feel the benefit of buying promotions;
  • Enjoy personal offers
  • Vast assortment
  • Unique selling propositions
  • Round-the-corner location

Quality of products and services of Canadian Pharmacy Online

There is no doubt that the products presented at Canadian pharmacies are always of high quality. But at the same time, Canadian pharmacies are distinguished not only by high quality but also by impeccable customer service. Many pharmacies in Canada create a personal file for each customer in a database that is integrated into the databases of health insurance companies. This file contains the patient’s personal data, his insurance number, and the presence of contraindications and allergies. When paying for prescription drugs at the pharmacy cash desk, the part of the cost of the drug that is covered by insurance is automatically deducted from the total price.

The process of customer service in network pharmacies in Canada has its own characteristics. Prices for prescription drugs in pharmacies are not indicated. The customer gives the prescription to the pharmacist, and the prescribed drugs are matched over time. While waiting, the patient receives a small device — something like a pager. When the order is ready, the pager emits a signal, and after that you can go to the cashier to pay for the medicines.

Interestingly, for people with chronic diseases who have to constantly take medication, Canadian pharmacies have a special service that reminds patients that it is time to buy the next dose of the drug. A prescription for such drugs is written out by a doctor once a year, but the drugs are dispensed in certain portions — usually no more than 100 tablets at a time.

Trust and reliability factor

Our competent purchasing policy and long-term cooperation with major suppliers made Canadian pharmacy the most reliable service. We buy and sell a large number of drugs, so suppliers offer us very competitive prices. We buy part of the goods without intermediaries, directly from manufacturers.

We strive to keep prices low while maintaining consistent quality. All our medicines have state certificates and are tested in a pharmacy. We sell large batches of drugs, which means that we do not have expired drugs. Canadian pharmacy has a wide range of medicines, as well as rare prescription drugs and much more.

Thousands of people have already tried our service and they know that our company meets all quality standards. During the past year, Canada dispensed 285,530,000 prescriptions from 7,175 community service pharmacies, 30% of which was for Canadian pharmacy.