Lasix Generic (Furosemide Tablets)

What is Diuretics?

Diuretics affect certain parts of the kidneys, stimulating urination. Diuretic tablets inhibit the absorption of sodium particles in the channels and, as a result, reduce the level of fluid absorption. The key role of diuretics is that they accelerate the excretion of waste products from the body.

These medications help to make blood pressure lower and are the mainstay of treatment for heart failure. To achieve a positive result, they remove sodium, potassium, and water from the body. Therefore, before using these drugs, you definitely need to consult a therapist to avoid disturbing the water and electrolyte balance. There are also multiple possible undesired consequences of their usage.


Lasix is a strong diuretic that flushes out fluid that occurs due to diseases of the heart, liver, and kidneys, or after tissue burns. Increased urine production begins about 1 hour after taking Lasix and lasts 6-8 hours. Lasix also reduces high blood pressure, when needed along with other antihypertensives.

Lasix can only be taken with a doctor’s prescription. It is usually used as part of the complex treatment of issues such as:

  • edema in chronic heart and/or kidney failure;
  • acute renal failure;
  • swelling caused by liver diseases;
  • arterial hypertension.

Important! In no case should you use Lasix for weight loss. The drug does not affect lipolysis and fat burning! Only an experienced specialist can prescribe Lasix due to a wide range of contraindications.

How to take Generic Lasix?

Dosages and frequency of taking Generic Lasix should only be determined by an experienced specialist based on the diagnosis and severity. However, here are general instructions for the use of this medication.

For adults, the recommended doses are:

  • start with 20mg-50 mg per day, split into 2-3 doses to treat edema caused by heart failure;
  • start with 40mg-80 mg, split into several doses for nephrosis and chronic renal failure.

For children weighing over 10 kg, a single dose is calculated according to the formula 2 mg/1 kg of body weight, but not more than 40 mg per day. When prescribing the drug Lasix, it is recommended to use its smallest doses, sufficient to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

The drug is administered intravenously and, in exceptional cases, intramuscularly. Intravenous administration is carried out only when the drug cannot be taken orally or if the small intestine does not absorb the drug properly, or if it is necessary to obtain the fastest possible effect. If this route is chosen, it is always recommended to switch the patient to the oral form as early as possible.

Side effects

When taken as directed, diuretics are generally well tolerated. However, they can still cause some side effects, including allergic reactions and kidney failure. Therefore, be sure to take medications only on the recommendation of a doctor. Your doctor will let you know in detail what adverse reactions you should be on the lookout for as this medication can affect all body systems, including your digestive system, blood, sight, hearing, and nervous system. Such disorders in your body may develop either gradually or rapidly.

Contraindications of Generic Lasix

  • Great sensitivity to Furosemide or other components that make up the drug. Individuals allergic to Sulfonamides may show cross-sensitivity to this medication;
  • Hypovolemia or dehydration;
  • Renal insufficiency in the form of anuria, in which there is no therapeutic response to Furosemide;
  • Renal insufficiency due to poisoning with nephrotoxic or hepatotoxic drugs;
  • Severe hypokalemia;
  • Severe hyponatremia;
  • Risk of coma associated with hepatic encephalopathy;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The symptoms of an overdose depend mainly on the degree and consequences of electrolyte and fluid loss and include signs such as hypovolemia, dehydration, hemoconcentration, and cardiac arrhythmias. Symptoms of these disorders include severe hypotension, acute renal failure, thrombosis, delirium, peripheral paralysis, apathy, and confusion.

Unfortunately, there are no specific antidotes for this substance. If a little time has passed after ingestion, then to reduce the absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, they will induce vomiting or perform gastric lavage. The goal is to treat or prevent any potentially serious complications that may arise due to the disbalance in the water-electrolyte and acid-base state.

Special considerations of Lasix Generic

The simultaneous use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may reduce the effect of Lasix. There are many other significant drug interactions that should not be ignored.

Significant urinary outflow abnormalities should be ruled out before initiating therapy with this medication. Careful monitoring is necessary for patients whose urine flow is partially obstructed, especially when starting treatment. Regular monitoring of sodium, potassium, and serum creatinine levels is also a must. Extra caution should be taken if the individual is at a high risk of developing fluid and electrolyte imbalance in the event of additional fluid and electrolyte losses (such as those caused by vomiting, diarrhea, or intense perspiration).

Individuals receiving diuretics may suffer from severe hypotension and deterioration of renal function. If any drugs that have the property of lowering blood pressure are used simultaneously with Lasix, an even greater decrease in blood pressure should be expected.

Lasix FAQ

Do you need a prescription for this medicine?

Diuretics are an integral part of the treatment of many serious diseases. For example, pathologies of the liver or cardiovascular system, hypertension, or food poisoning. The drugs have a high therapeutic effect but have usage specifics that the patient may not know about. Therefore, diuretics are sold only with a doctor’s prescription.

Is it prescribed during pregnancy or lactation?

This substance crosses the placental barrier. It should not be given during pregnancy. This active substance passes into breast milk and may suppress lactation. Women should stop breastfeeding during treatment.

Does it influence the ability the reaction when driving vehicles or operating other mechanisms?

Some side effects (for example, an unexpected significant decrease in blood pressure) may impair the patient’s ability to concentrate and the speed of his reaction, so you should refrain from driving or operating other mechanisms for the period of treatment.

How fast does Lasix work?

After intravenous administration, the diuretic effect develops after 15 minutes and lasts several hours. In tablet form, increased urine production begins about 1 hour after taking Lasix and lasts 6-8 hours.

Which is better: Lasix or Furosemide?

Lasix contains furosemide. It belongs to loop diuretics. The active substance and indications are identical; the first is simply a brand name of the drug while the other is a typical generic form. Both drugs have similar properties and their own advantages, but the choice between them should be based on the recommendations of the doctor and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Why are diuretics dangerous?

The main danger of diuretics is excessive fluid loss, which increases the risk of hypovolemia, which is a reduced amount of circulating blood in simple words. Also, diuretics can lead to hypokalemia – a decrease in the concentration of potassium in the blood serum due to its increased excretion in the urine with other elements. Accordingly, regular medical supervision is necessary during Lasix treatment. A diet high in potassium is advised or supplements may be necessary on occasion.

How to store the medicine?

You should keep medicines inaccessible to children. Lasix should be stored at room temperature (15-25°C) and protected from light. If the light is too strong, discoloration may occur, but this does not affect its effectiveness. This drug should not be used after the date marked “EXP” on the container. If you have expired medicines, return them to the pharmacy for proper disposal.

What is a preferable intake time?

If you just require one dose per day, using a diuretic in the morning will let you sleep all night long without having to get up to use the restroom.


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