Generic Stendra (Avanafil Tablets)

Modern medicine developed generics that have an identical composition to the original drug and have the same strong effect, while their cost is much lower. In early 2010, leading American pharmacists developed an innovative drug that improved erection – Generic Stendra. After numerous tests, it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Erectile dysfunction is the main indication for the use of Generic Stendra. Judging by the instructions and reviews of men who have tried the action of this generic, it can be used for various degrees of severity of erection problems, regardless of the nature of the origin of these problems. After all, this issue can be caused not only by physiological but also by psychological factors. Let’s check a small list of situations when it is definitely worth testing this medication:

  • The erection has disappeared because you often experience stressful situations;
  • It is very difficult to get enough relaxation before sexual pleasures because you work hard and are constantly subjected to great physical exertion;
  • Your penis does not reach sufficient hardness or the erection disappears very quickly and suddenly;
  • Erection has deteriorated due to serious illnesses or with age.

Generic Stendra is the fastest-acting drug of all: it starts working 15 minutes after taking it. Its action is not suppressed by alcohol or food and lasts 6-7 hours. Other advantages are its power – one tablet of Generic Stendra does not lose its effectiveness even in severe forms of impotence. Moreover, there is an almost complete absence of side effects because fundamentally new technologies have allowed the creators of the drug to reduce the incidence of such adverse effects to 1%. The duration of the drug is 6 hours.

Top Advantages

The advantage of generics is that they contain the same active substances, but at the same time, the prices for such pills are much lower than the original drug itself. Everyone has the opportunity to buy drugs to improve their erection, paying 2-3 times less.

Benefits of Generic Stendra:

  • The effect comes very quickly – 15 minutes after ingestion;
  • Treatment of weak erection;
  • Improvement of repeat erection;
  • Long-term effect of the drug – 6 hours;
  • Easily combined with fatty foods and alcohol;
  • Suppresses self-doubt and fear of sexual intimacy;
  • Can be taken even by the elderly, given there are no contraindications;
  • Quickly excreted from the body;
  • Can be taken by individuals with low blood pressure.

How Stendra Generic works

The Generic Stendra works similarly to its closest competitors. After taking Stendra, blood flow in the reproductive system improves, and blood vessels dilate, which creates ideal healthy conditions for the onset of a natural erection.

It is worth understanding that Generic Stendra will show the desired activity only if a man is in a state of sexual desire. That is, there will be no erection if a man does not have natural arousal in the presence of a partner. Such a mechanism of action is an undoubted advantage because a man who has taken pills will not get into an awkward position.

You might ask, “Why do we need a Stendra if there are already proven and reliable drugs with the same principle of action?”. The main difference between Stendra and its generics and other pills for ED issues is its very high speed of exposure. For instance, Viagra should be taken one hour before sexual intercourse. This time is not easy to calculate. Accordingly, men might worry about whether the drug will begin to act on time. Stendra, on the other hand, works 15-20 minutes after taking the pill, in other words, almost immediately. True, the declared time of guaranteed action is 30-45 minutes, but most of the participants in clinical trials felt the effect after 15 minutes, which is confirmed by reviews of the Stendra.

In addition, Stendra generics have no dietary restrictions. Competing products impose restrictions, some prohibit combining them with alcohol intake, others – with fatty and heavy meals. Stendra, though, has no such restrictions and during a romantic dinner you don’t have to think about what you can eat or drink and what you can’t.

Instructions for Generic Stendra intake

Generic is a complete copy of the original patent drug. Accordingly, they are taken based on the same principle. The standard dose of Generic Stendra is 100 mg, one or two tablets, depending on the form of release. It can be increased to 200 mg or reduced to 50 mg. The doctor would base the decision on dose change based on the quality of the action, on your feeling, as well as your current health state, any existing health issues, and the medications being taken.

Nonetheless, it is forbidden to exceed the threshold of 200 mg in 24 hours. You should not adjust the dose up if there are abnormalities in the functioning of the kidneys or liver. In addition, the drug accumulates in the body, so with each dose, the strength and duration of the erection only increase.

Stendra should be taken 30 minutes before the expected start of sexual intercourse. The erection will occur only with sexual excitation and will last from 4 to 6 hours. At the same time, the erection does not disappear after ejaculation and is easily achieved again. There are no restrictions on food, but you should be careful with alcohol. Since Stendra leads to vasodilation, the degree of alcohol exposure also changes. The manufacturer of the medicine recommends limiting consumption of no more than three glasses of wine or 300 grams of vodka.

The instructions also contain a list of other medicines with which it is forbidden to use Generic Stendra. This includes nitrates as well as other medications that have a similar effect. Taking them together with Stendra can lead to a heart attack and is strictly prohibited. It is especially not recommended to take Generic Stendra in parallel with beta-blockers. Before taking the drug, a specialist consultation is necessary.

An overdose or improper use of the drug can adversely affect not only the functioning of the genitourinary system but also cause a deterioration in general well-being and poisoning of the body.


  • Allergy to any components of the drug;
  • Combination with nitric oxide donators, nitrates, and nitrites;
  • Concomitant use of other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction;
  • Use of Generic Stendra by teenagers, children, and women;
  • Physical problems with the shape of the penis – angulation, etc.;
  • Diseases characterized by pain during erection and its uncontrolled occurrence;
  • Tendency to bleeding and reduced blood clotting;
  • Aggravation of stomach ulcers;
  • High levels of bad cholesterol;
  • Issues with kidneys and liver;
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Side effects

The risk of side effects is extremely high, which means that you should take Generic Stendra only after consulting a doctor.

The risks of deterioration in general well-being after taking Generic Stendra most often occur when the dose taken exceeds the recommended dose. In such cases, one or several unpleasant effects are sometimes observed. These include convulsions, rash on the skin, general loss of strength, tachycardia, fainting, nose bleed, vomiting, redness of the eyeball, and painful erection.

Some patients note that after using the drug, they noticed the occurrence of hearing problems, deterioration of visual acuity. In such cases, you should immediately stop taking the drug and go to the doctor.

Proper use of the drug allows men to achieve the fastest, most powerful, and safe effect without painful consequences.

Is Stendra better than Cialis and Viagra?

It is immediately necessary to make a note that each of these drugs has its own advantages, they all have high efficiency and good tolerability. However, in some aspects, Stendra looks preferable to its predecessors. First of all, it is the fastest drug of all of the above, being activated within 15 minutes after administration.

The second important aspect is the likely side effects and here Generic Stendra has competitors. In terms of duration of action, Stendra is inferior to Cialis, but this cannot be considered a disadvantage: these drugs simply have slightly different tactics of administration. If we compare Stendra with Viagra, then they have much more in common. If after taking Viagra you do not experience side effects, then most likely the choice between these two drugs will be determined by your personal preferences.


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