Refills and Prescription Process

If you want to buy some goods online from our Canadian pharmacy, you have to know the following things:

  • You can place an order on the site at any time. The minimum amount of an online order is $10.
  • Service support is active 24/7.
  • Delivery is open daily from 08.00 to 17.00 at a convenient time.
  • You can make an order according to the working hours of the selected pharmacy, after receiving the notification “Order is ready”.
  • You can pick up the order within 48 hours from the moment of its delivery.
  • Pharmacy prescriptions will be issued for prescription drugs.
  • When redeeming an online order, you can use a bonus card. You can learn more about the conditions of the bonus program at our website.
  • If the required product was not found, you can make an individual order at the pharmacy.

How to submit prescriptions online?

The interfaces on the website are very simple and clear. In each case, detailed instructions — a step-by-step ordering algorithm is presented.

  1. Search for the needed drug by name, brand, or manufacturer of the product. The “Catalogue” section also allows you to search by disease (for example, “Antiviral”, “Heart and blood vessels”, “Diabetes”).
  2. Add the product to the shopping cart. To do this, click on the basket icon or “add to cart”. You can move freely around the site, the goods from the cart will not be lost.
  3. After completing the selection, look in the “Cart” (icon at the top right), check your order.
  4. Choose a pharmacy that is convenient for you or just enter the shipping address to get your purchase.
  5. Choose the payment method and confirm your order.
  6. After waiting, pick up the order.

Please note!

  • If you are already authorized in your personal account, just click “Confirm order” and follow the status of the order. Create new account if you are a new member of the website.
  • If you choose “Pay by card”, the funds are reserved. A cash charge-off occurs after the issuance of an online order in a pharmacy.
  • If the order is not formed, it will be automatically cancelled. Refunds are made to the card automatically.
  • An indication of e-mail during registration is a prerequisite. The email is usually used to send a message to recover your password (if you could not guess the password from your personal account); order picking statuses if you choose email as a customization option for an order: electronic receipts for orders placed with home delivery and prepaid orders.

International shipping. Shipping is available for most regions. Goods for home delivery are marked with a special icon. Items that are not available for delivery will not be added to the order. They will remain in the basket for the possibility of making a reservation at a convenient pharmacy.

Please note! Drugs are NOT delivered to your home in the following situations:

  • alcohol-containing preparations with a volume fraction of ethyl alcohol over 25%;
  • medicines that require compliance with the temperature regime during storage and transportation.

Enter the exact address where you want to arrange delivery. In the comments field, you can specify additional information for the courier (presence of an intercom, floor, etc.); the address can also be selected on the map.


All the presented information, order details, payment services, your personal data are not passed on to third parties. We are responsible for the security of the information received and guarantee you high reliability in the preservation of your personal data. All employees of our company have received trainings on privacy responsibilities.

The collected information (your name, address, phone number, etc.) could be shared:

  • with relevant healthcare professionals, such as your doctor, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals,
  • to facilitate your request for medical services or products,
  • to manage your request for medical services or products and to provide such services or products,
  • to contact you regarding medical services or products that you have requested,
  • to facilitate your request for medical services or products,
  • to keep in touch with you.