signs of legitimate canadian pharmacyWhat is a properly arranged online pharmacy?

An online pharmacy is a legitimate business officially accepted by the American government. Legal drugstores operating via the internet never sell unauthorized drugs that haven’t been through laboratory research. Each of the meds presented on their websites is tried and tested and approved by the government no matter whether it’s a brand remedy or its generic version.

Is Buying medications online legal?

Yes, it is. You have the right to purchase prescription and non-prescription drugs no matter where you might want to. However, no one will guarantee your safety and well-being if you cooperate with an illegal pharmacy.

How do I find out whether an online drugstore is safe and secure?

  • It asks you for a valid prescription;
  • It has a state-licensed pharmacist in charge, and you can always get in touch with him;
  • It has an official office and a street address;
  • It will not let you buy this or that med without a preliminary consultation.

A real and legitimately operating online pharmacy does whatever possible to help its clients improve their well-being because their health builds a reputation in the pharmaceutical market.

How to Spot a Safe Drugstore?

Pay attention to the following red flags:

  • You are offered to buy a pack of pills without a prescription or a consultation if you’re planning to buy a non-prescription medication. A reputable pharmacy always needs to make sure you’ll be safe because no one wants to lose business like this neglecting the duties and responsibilities.
  • You don’t get a chance to discuss the positive and negative effects of the drug with a pharmacist. If you can’t get in contact with a pharmacist within 24 hours, it may be dangerous to buy anything in there.
  • The prices are miraculously low — lower than anywhere you’ve seen before. You should also pay attention to the excessive amount of bulk offers on the website.
  • You get an excessive amount of advertisements in your mailbox after the registration. An adequately arranged online pharmacy does not want to deal with imposing advertising.
  • The shipping works all over the world regardless of the laws and legislations of the other countries.

It’s not that hard to buy a piece of clothing or an electronic item. The number of reviews all over the net posted on customer review platforms is enormous. You do have to take your time to find something decent, but the real feedback simplifies the search for items and shops. It’s a bit harder with online pharmacies.

This kind of business is still new to the majority of the customers. Most of them still prefer buying drugs in a regular pharmacy (which is entirely safe). Unfortunately, the speedy development of this business jumpstarted a wave of illegal pharmaceutical businesses both within the USA and over the border.

Here are the primary signs of legitimate pharmaceutical business:

  • The reviews you find about a drugstore are posted on a third-party website. Dishonest drugstores often order reviews and pay people for fake reviews. If you manage to find the reviews on Google and Yelp, it’s highly probable that this organization is real.
  • Not all reviews are entirely positive. If a drugstore has exclusively five-star reviews, it might mean two things. The staff members can moderate the reviews deleting the negative ones, or the reviews are ordered for money from people who have no idea about the way the pharmacy works.
  • The pharmacy responds to both negative and positive reviews of the users. If you see that someone from the online pharmacy staff responds to the users’ reactions on the official website, customer review platforms, and social media, it’s highly probable that it’s a legally working pharmacy caring about its reputation.
  • The company has an account on social media and communicates with the users. It posts information about the new arrivals, seasonal discounts, and promotions. Check whether a pharmacy has an Instagram or a Facebook account.

Be careful about the negative reviews. They do not necessarily mean that the pharmacy is illegal or something. Some of the 1- or 2- star reviews are usually caused by incidents or lack of the customer’s attention.

Signs of a Legitimate Pharmaceutical Business in 2023: Dos & Don’ts

Dos Don’ts
  • Use a regular pharmacy made of brick-and-mortar if you are not sure how to pick out a safe online alternative.
  • Make sure the online pharmacy you’re willing to cooperate with had an FDA license.
  • Check whether an online drugstore you’re interested in has an official address and an office that you can visit for a chat with one of the staff members.
  • Search for a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites logo before ordering from a pharmacy.
  • Be careful about your meds, and always check everything before putting it in your mouth if it doesn’t look habitual.
  • Don’t trust an organization just because it has a stylish and stably working website. It’s not hard and expensive for the scammers to pay a professional web designer and a programmer who can create a perfectly operating website for their fake company.
  • Don’t order any drugs unless you understand that a pharmacy is interested in your well-being. You’ll be asked for a proper prescription before the management lets you order anything.
  • Never share financial and credit card information with anyone who associates with the FDA or DEA. None of these organizations as for the customers’ personal information via email.

Bottom Line

So, what is a legitimate pharmacy?

  • It has a telephone number, a regular email address, and a physical address.
  • It has positive ratings and is often listed on the websites with the other pharmaceutical businesses.
  • It does not send you the unnecessary and unwanted notifications with annoying advertising — it only notifies you when you need to repeat a prescription or if there’s a chance to buy your medication at a lower price than before.
  • It has a complaint history, and the negative reviews are still present in the social media and on the customer review platforms. A legitimate business needs all types of feedback to enhance the performance and the satisfaction of the customers.

Most online users nowadays feel hesitant about buying generic versions of the original drugs ignoring the fact that there are far more dangerous things to be aware of. Generic medicines are legal and safe, while illegal online pharmacies become our reality. Be careful when ordering pharmaceutical products online. Consult the physician and be healthy.